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The companies behind the technology

Jupiter-EV is a subsidiary fully owned by Parkomat International. Founded in 2010 Parkomat leads the design and development of mechanical and robotic parking solutions.

For over 12 years Parkomat successfully manufactured and installed more then 300 projects from small scale to a large scale.

Parkomat International has an R&D facility in Israel and has 60 employees among are: mechanical and SW engineers,

installation teams and service team.

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IP / 100% Ownership

The technology behind Jupiter-EV solution is a result of 3 years of co-development between Parkomat who fully owns Jupiter-EV and Gnrgy.


Several patent applications have been filed covering part of the technology with more to follow.


Gnrgy founded in 2008 is an Israel’s Leader in the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Charging Network Management sector.

It is currently one of the world’s leading companies in the e-mobility sector with a global presence of 3 CPO's in EU, 2 manufacturing sites – Israel and Poland (By Flex) and 3 RnD centers in Israel, Spain and India.

In April 2021 OPC acquired 51% in Gnrgy. OPC Energy is the first private electricity company in Israel generates about 5% of the electricity consumption in Israel. 

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