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Multiple EV
Fast (DC) Charging Station

Charging beyond the boundaries of space

Electrical Vehicles (EV) are now transforming the entire automotive industry.
More EVs mean More EVs charging stations.

EV currently make up only 3% of car sales worldwide but is expected to grow rapidly to 28% in 2030 and 58% by 2040.  The main fear of EV car owners is the fear of not having a free and available charging station. Where space is limited long queues for charging is created since no parking means no charging station.

Based on years of proven experience in robotic parking and charging solutions implemented in hundred of sites, Jupiter-EV developed a proprietary, cutting edge, unique and revolutionary solution.

Its Multiple EV Charging Station (MEV-CS) creates 8 to 16 fast DC charging stations in an area less than 50 sqm (equivalent to 3 parking spaces). It is based on a unique robotic parking tower with a proprietary interface to standard OCPP fast DC charging stations. 


Jupiter-EV teams up with charging companies, municipalities, and real-estate companies to deliver public fast charging solutions in limited areas.

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